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     C O R P O R A T E    F A S H I O N

Consultation We advise and supervise on complete corporate fashion system WSM-ZugSeil and support on site.
A dedicated contact carries through whole corporate fashion process. This contact answers questions and if needed will support .
Design We design especifically for your company. Accesories give every for employee's personal touch.
The corporate design is the visual expresion of uniqueness of your business. Our corporate designers transform your ideas functional fashion that will suit every type.
Production We manufacture best quality because of constant monitoring of our technicians.
Our manufacturing facilities are certified according to DIN ISO 9001.
Experienced skilled employees manufacture to our specifications. Manufacture quality, exact fit and durable materilas define acceptance and cost-effectiveness of your corporate wear.
Logistic We ensure availability of corporate clothing just in time.
Either central in your company or home address of your employees.
Warehousing and shipping, we offer any scope up to the self-management of your corporate apparel and employee wear account quotas.

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