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C O R P O R A T E    F A S H I O N
System for corporate wear
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Corporate fashion wear
Dress Your business!
business wear - image wear - business identity

CI- Corporate Identity CD- Corporate design CF - Corporate fashion CW - Corporate wear

Is an expression of the firm's corporate philosophy
Is a clear position of the corporate identity and "busiesscard"
Is the uniform visual identity, individually corporate appearance
Is important feature for the first impression
Is the re-recognation factor, the brand image
Is the identification of your empoyees with the company
Is the enhancement of the image

Professional workwear - complete business outfit - individual staff clothing
Clothing and accesories for:
Business, events, promotion, catering, fair, hotel, reception, financal service, aviation, association, tourism, distribution, spedition und logistic, retail, point of sale, shops, hospital, surgeries, wellness, theater, museum, security services,...
and refined with your company name or Logo!
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